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TechnoPro acquires 100% of Boyd&Moore’s common stock

TechnoPro Holdings, Inc. has acquired 100% of the outstanding common stock in Boyd&Moore Executive Search, making the company a fully-owned subsidiary of TechnoPro Holdings.

The TechnoPro Group’s medium-term management plan, Growth 1000, released on August 3, 2015, aims at stronger recruiting services for engineers as one of the synergetic areas with engineering staffing services. The aim of the stock acquisition is to contribute to hiring capability for engineers, the growth driver of engineer staffing services, while at the same time promoting greater diversification of human resource services supplied by TechnoPro Group.

Boyd&Moore Executive Search is a global executive recruitment agency operating primarily in tech industries, serving multinational clients. The company offers contingency personnel placement service along with a range of business solutions, including recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and market mapping. The company operates the Global Intelligence Center (offshore recruiting services) out of Indian subsidiary, Boyd & Moore Executive Search India Private Limited, engaging in organized and efficient operations. The company also coordinates with Boyd & Moore Executive Search PTE. Ltd. (Singapore subsidiary) to expand global business operations.

In connection with this transaction, the TechnoPro Group intends to leverage the acquisition by promoting medium- and long-term solutions in the HRtech era including:

(1) Building a solid recruiting base for engineer staffing services; (2) Promoting cross-selling of recruitment and engineer staffing services by leveraging each other’s client bases; and (3) Developing capabilities across a wide range of human resource services, including recruitment process outsourcing, and leveraging the resources of the Global Intelligence Center.

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